sabato 26 febbraio 2011

The 4 Most Romantic Places in Rome

  • The breathtaking view from Gianicolo
Knowing that ancient Rome was famous for its seven hills, no wonder the first romantic spot is a belvedere. The number one view of Rome is that from Gianicolo, according to many. Just above Trastevere, it overlooks famous sites as the Pantheon or the monument to Vittorio Emanuele in Piazza Venezia. Rome unrolls in front of your eyes and underneath the immense vault of the sky in all its beauty, on this popular yet always cosy and full of atmosphere belvedere. Walk slightly further, and you can sit on the quiet steps of the amphitheatre Quercia del Tasso. Offering a similar view, who cares if there's no show while you're there. The company will be enough! And to change perspective, you can try Pincio, the gorgeous terrace overlooking Piazza del Popolo, not too far from the famous Spanish Steps.

  • A boat tour on the Tiber
For the foot sore, there's another way to experience Rome's romantic beauty by letting yourself glide on the waters of the Tiber with your other half. Starting from Ponte Duca d'Aosta and ending on Isola Tiberina and back, you will see some of the city's jewels, such as Saint Peter's or the Gianicolo, from an unusual standpoint, while in the middle of the river Tiber, framed by white marble banks and tall lime trees. And for the helplessly romantic, night cruises are also available during the summer, some of which include dinner on board. For more information visit

  • Walking through the Park of Oranges and the Rose Garden trough rose scented air
Only a few meters from the famous Bocca della Verita , starts a little road, Clivio dei Publici, which climbs up the Aventino hill while changing name into Via di Santa Sabina. This residential area in the heart of Rome will astonish you by being the quietest place in the Eternal City. Now and then, as you walk towards the top, you will get gorgeous postcard glimpses of the dome of Saint Peter, including that from the Giardino degli Aranci (the orange garden). If you walk towards the end of this secluded, yet very safe road, you might notice people peeping into a keyhole in a large gate. Try doing the same. The most charming view of Saint Peter's will appear to you, framed by the keyhole and two lines of rose bushes which make May the best time of year to visit this spot. During the same period, try visiting the rose garden below and smell the inebriating scent of thousands of these flowers.

  • Open air live music in Villa Celimontana
Planning a romantic evening accompanied to the sound of music? Then one of the best places is Villa Celimontana, where a jazz festival takes place during the summer, with many nights dedicated to the sexiest of dances, the tango. Around the small amphitheatre and stage, tables are placed where you can sit and sip a glass of Italian wine or have a light meal. All around, impressive pines lit from below help give you the feeling of being enclosed in an auditorium which has only the Italian sky as its ceiling.


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  1. With these descriptions, I am longing to visit Rome. Actually, it has always been on the agenda. Thanks for this lovely write-up. I felt as if I was there.



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