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The 10 best famous dishes of ROMAN CUISINE ♥

There is a deep connection between ROMAN cuisine and Roman lifestyle. Roman people use to give food a great importance and love to cook and experiment new recipes. That's why I chose to write about some well known ITALIAN recipes which are higly appreciated in ROME.
Roman cuisine is based on seasonal ingredients coming most from Roman Campagna, and prepared in a simple way. Among these, the most important are vegetables (typical are peas, Globe artichokes and fava beans), meat (milk lamb and goat) and cheeses (Pecorino romano and ricotta).Typical condiment in Roman cuisine is strutto, pork lard prepared and canned each winter. Used is also the fat of prosciutto, while olive oil is used only for raw vegetables and - partially - to fry. Days of the week are often assigned to food, such as gnocchi on Thursday, baccalà (salted cod) on Fridays, and trippa for Saturdays.
Pasta is one of, if not the, most important elements of Roman cuisine. Famous pasta sauces include matriciana, carbonara, (a sauce made with pancetta or guanciale - pig's cheek -, cheese and egg), cacio e pepe and gricia.

Roman Dishes

  • Bruschetta - a popular antipasto or appetizer in central Italy. Coming from the Romanesco word bread which is lightly burnt, typically rubbed with garlic and topped with oil and tomatoes.
  • Supplì - fried rice croquettes which are stuffed with beef ragout and mozzarella.
  • Saltimbocca alla Romana - Roman-style veal with ham (prosciutto) and sage. Saltimbocca literally means jump in the mouth.
  • Scaloppine alla romana - Veal sautéed with fresh baby artichokes
  • Coda alla vaccinara - Oxtail stew, cooked with tomato sauce, celery, clove and bitter chocolate
  • Trippa - Tripe with tomato sauce, is a roman tradition.
  • Fiori di Zucca fritti - courgette flowers, prepared in a deep fried batter.
  • Abbacchio alla cacciatora - lamb chops with vinegar, flour and rosemary
  • Crostata di ricotta - Is a richly baked cheesecake, made with ricotta, and flavored with lemons (or oranges) and Marsala wine.


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  1. I am putting on weight just by drooling over your pictures of food....

  2. Wowoweee!!! I think I am pampered too much now... with all these yummy dishes that you've shared, they are killing me..(my weight)They are simply whip-appetizing and scrumptiously delectable... What more can I say, all the way from Rome, Italy... Love them all! Thanks honeybunch..♥♥♥ xox

  3. @YogaSavy...well they are really tasty !

  4. @thanks JORIE...ROMAN cuisine is a very simple one, based on natural ingredients and vegetables like artichokes or beans and meat... ROMAN people appreciate a lot foreign cuisines...Rome is crowded with ASIAN and chinese restaurants where you can taste foreign dishes.

  5. This all sounds and looks so delicious! My mouth is watering. It sounds like I need to learn how to cook the way Romans do. The American diet is way too processed. It's easy to forget that natural ingredients produce mouthwatering results.

  6. @Ms. Code ...well give a try to the ROMAN CUISINE and you will fall in love with's a natural ingredients based cuisine ...the recipes I mentioned above are so easy to do and of course taste ♥
    Have a lovely day ♥

  7. I love Italian food my mom is from Italy she was born in Paolisi, came to the US when she was 10. I grew up with loads of great dishes and I will definitely follow your blog : )

  8. ..thank you LISA...I will surely follow yours too! I was born near PAOLISI...exactly in Benevento...but later moved to you have a list of ITALIAN dishes...I'm thinking I will reveal some of the secrets My mom told me about Italian Food..!♥

  9. Yum! I will definitely try these recipes!
    I found you on Bloggers Island and am now following you.
    Regards, Mari



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