mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

nice places to spend the night....


Situated near the glossy world of Cinecittà, the large film studio in Rome, Meo Pinelli specializes in taking good care of an international clientele from morning to night.
For breakfast, fill up on pastries and homemade sweet treats or go for the healthier choice: cereals, fresh yoghurt and fruit. At lunchtime things step up a gear and guests can choose between a buffet or the à la carte menu. The buffet is laden with the best of Italian cuisine made with prime ingredients. Afternoon teatime is a delight, especially during the colder months: warm up with sweet treats prepared by the chef and a cup of delicious hot chocolate. The ever-famous Italian aperitif time follows and brings with it a rich buffet, the best of Italian wines and a good selection of cocktails and blended drinks. After whetting your appetite with tasty appetizers why not stay for dinner; the menu offers meat, seafood dishes and excellent wood-oven baked pizzas. The staff often organize after-dinner themed events.
Open daily from 6am-2am.

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  1. Very interesting, well-organized blog to which I want to go back there and back.

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  2. hello JONAS.....thanks for your comment....I appreciated a Photografy your job..?...I am a translator and live in my blog I talk about my activity as well as the beauties of Rome...please come visit me...I also have one french version..!!!..have a lovely day..!!



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